AirRobot Australasia Pty Ltd "ARA" provides the latest technology for overhead inspection, surveillance and imagery.

Our unmanned aerial systems and payloads are capable of inspection in all types of conditions. Wherever there it is dangerous for human beings, at height or in inaccessible areas day or night around or over obstacles, the AirRobot® will get you close safely.

The AirRobot®, an exceptionally light and quiet video probe capable of autonomous flight, can be deployed and flown within minutes of arrival and provide immediate overhead vision for decision makers. If the mission is at height, dangerous or puts lives at risk then AirRobot® is your overhead eye in the sky


With its silent electric drive, a diameter of one metre and a weight under one kilogram, the AirRobot® can  be used in both rural and urban areas. Our prime customers are police, the army and emergency services. Further application areas in which the AirRobot® excels are with fire brigades, search and rescue, pipeline surveillance, security missions and aerial photography.

Mundane – Repetitive – Boring – Dangerous – Urgent – Life Threatening.
AirRobot® is the response.