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Vertical Take Off & Landing (VTOL)
Unmanned aerial Vehicles (UAV)

UAV's, control systems and payloads have progressed to the commercial sector and are now extremely reliable and affordable to operate. They have developed from purely military applications such as target drones to high altitude target designators, surveillance and actual combat roles.

The original military vehicles were generally large, flown at high altitude and required impressive sensor capabilities equivalent to satellite payloads only affordable by government. Developments to provide theatre level operations have seen miniaturisation to such an extent that UAVS are now man portable and being utilised daily in theatre combat roles to allow infantry section and platoon over the hill threat assessment.

The capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles continue to expand with the advent of new technologies.  Recently, UAVs proved their combat worthiness in operations over Iraq and Afghanistan.  These successes only increase the demand for the limited UAV resources.  Not surprisingly, the amount of money invested into UAV research continues to grow. 

AirRobot Australasia Pty Ltd entered into a partnership with AirRobot Gmbh & Co KG of Arnsberg Germany to supply micro and small VTOL UAV's to the Australasian market. These UAV's provide the full range of surveillance activities needed by its customer base. The vehicles are electrically powered, safe and easy to operate and satisfy the particular tasking requirements.

In general:

  • Fuel powered vehicles have a longer range and endurance capability.

  • Electrical powered vehicles have greater stealth characteristics

  • Electrical powered better suited for closer or covert surveillance activities.

  • Micro and small UAV's can operate close to ground level.

  • There are no CASA airspace requirements when operated under 400 feet Altitude Above Ground level (AGL) (apart from normal location restrictions)

  • Tried and proven Hi specification surveillance payloads are now available for this UAV range that can provide extraordinary results due to proximity.

Basic Capabilities

  • Hi Definition photography

  • Digital and analogue video

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Chemical Sniffing

  • Hyper spectral Imaging

  • Real Time Video Capture and Transmission

  • Autonomous operation and Way point navigation